Valve Greasing

API 6A Gate Valves, Choke Manifolds, Kill Lines

Lubricating and greasing valves helps to reduce operating torque and protects from seizing when operation is critical. It helps the valve to seat properly and perform as recommended by the manufacturer specifications. Greasing helps maintain the integrity of well head pressure control valve equipment and is a very important aspect of upstream field operations. 

Experience has proven that periodic maintenance will make valves operate easier and seal properly. A small amount of the correct lubricant into the body or seat rings, fresh grease into the stem bearings, checking the stem packing and replenishing as necessary will add years, even decades to the service life of the valve. 

Product loss because of stem leaks can be greatly reduced by simply tightening the gland packing or injecting a small amount of sealant. Cycling the valve, even partially, a few times a year will keep it from seizing in one position.

Quadco practices valve sealing techniques by testing valve seals through block and bleed and double block and bleed procedures.